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Free Mortgage Advice in Northern Ireland

Choosing a mortgage is one of the biggest financial decisions you're ever likely to make. There are thousands of mortgage deals out there and we are here to help you choose the right one.

The mortgage market is incredibly competitive and it can be hard to understand exactly what is on offer. There are many different providers and an extensive range of products and rates available, at Mortgage Adviser NI Ltd our Mortgage Brokers offer free mortgage advice and have over 8 years of experience working in the ever changing mortgage market, we can help with any mortgage enquiries you may have.

When looking for the most suitable deal for you, Mortgage Adviser NI Ltd will use the latest software to source the most suitable product from a comprehensive range of lenders.

We use our knowledge of lenders criteria to recommend the best deal available depending on your personal circumstances. We don’t believe in charging our customers a fee so our Mortgage Advice is free of charge.

At Mortgage Adviser NI we will work with you every step of the way when advising & arranging your mortgage. Through experience we will know exactly what criteria you will need to meet in order to get you on the property ladder.

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